Two Guys Modeling a Dress Get Slammed with Homophobic Shouts and Slurs, Ryan Field Books

Two Guys Modeling a Dress Get Slammed with Homophobic Shouts and Slurs

I see it continue to happen day after day. Gay men are slammed by straights in the most offensive ways, and it can happen anywhere in the world. I have seen it for years in reviews for my own books on Amazon. A nasty straight who didn’t even buy my book, will leave a nasty review on purpose. And I’m not the only one experiencing this. I talk to other gay male authors and they get it, too. Unfortunately, as long as Amazon allows people to review with fake identities this will only continue. 

With that said, here is an article about two guys who were modelling dresses out in public on the streets of London. The dresses are a little outrageous but the guys are a married couple and the experience left them shaken. 

In this first hand account of homophobia, the married gay couple decided to do this artistic photo shoot, in these exaggerated dresses, in an attempt to push back on the expected male clothing we all wear. And when the photo shoot started they wound up getting a number of different comments. Not all were negative, but the homophobic comments left them feeling unsafe. 

And yet they don’t seem bitter or hateful about it. They seem to understand that we’re all conditioned to think a certain way. You can read more about their story, here. There are also photos of them in the dresses.  

I just wish that once I would read a story where the gay men fought back against the homophobic straights instead of accepting them for who they are. I think it’s time we stopped taking it. Frankly, I would have shouted back a few things at them they never would have forgotten. I wish I could be more Pollyanna about this, but the way they treat us will never end until we start fighting back. 

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