The Double Standard with Men on the TV Series "The Recruit", Ryan Field Books

 The Double Standard with Men on the TV Series “The Recruit”

I started watching a Netflix series titled, The Recruit, starring Noah Centineo. It’s not the best series I’ve ever seen, but Centineo works hard to make it interesting and I’ll keep watching until the last episode. This is a classic example of an actor carrying the entire series. Without Centineo, no one else on the show is worth mentioning or watching. And bravo to Centineo because that’s not easy to do. 

However, there is one thing about this series that bothers me. And it’s clearly not the first time I’ve seen this. Hollywood has this ridiculous mentality that men should be treated differently than women, especially with regard to sex. And it irritates me every time I see it. 

In this case, Centineo’s character, Owen, is an attorney with the CIA. He’s young, inexperienced, and filled with crippling anxiety. And even though he comes across as bright and creative, the women in the show are constantly demeaning him. No wonder he has anxiety. They objectify him sexually, they make lewd and silly sexual comments, and they even go so far as to cross the lines and physically assault him by grabbing him in certain places without his consent. 

And Noah is a good sport about it, just like all the other attractive men I see who experience this on TV. And it’s not only on TV. I follow one actor on social media and the way these women in real life objectify him is absolutely revolting 

It’s a double standard that is never called out for what it is. If any man were to treat any woman this disrespectful way, they would be screaming everything from misogyny to rape culture. The men would be considered sexual predators. But somehow they find it okay for women to do this to attractive young men. 

It’s nauseating.  

In any event, you can support Noah Centineo by watching the series. Here’s a link to IMDb. It’s definitely worth watching, in spite of the predatory women. 

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