Hawaii Lawmaker Introduces Yet Another Don't Say Gay Bill, Straight Women and Homophobia, Ryan Field Books

 Hawaii Lawmaker Introduces Yet Another Don’t Say Gay Bill

After living and going out to gay bars in New Hope, PA for over 30 years, I came to know and to understand drag culture without even realizing it. Drag culture was a huge part of the entertainment scene in New Hope and people came from miles around. They came from as far down as Washington D.C. or as far north as Maine. 

With that said, I rarely ever saw a mean drag queen. I’ve seen campy and sarcastic drag queens, but never one  who would harm a child. In fact, the drag queens I’ve known don’t even pay attention to kids. And they have never posed a threat to kids. As statistics will prove, the biggest threat to children now are straight white middle aged men. So I’m not sure why these Christians are so worried about drag queen story hour. 

When I see these don’t say gay bills being introduced I have to wonder why these people know so little about the LGBTQ community. Being gay is not just about sex. We are a marginalized group with our own culture and history, and it is not just about sex. So when they say they don’t want kids to be introduced to sex at such young ages, I think most of us agree. However, we don’t agree with being silenced completely. And that’s what they are trying to do. 

And now a Republican in Hawaii is putting forth a similar bill to the don’t day gay bill in Florida. 

“Trying to counsel them to search for their true gender, all that’s ‘BS.’ Stick to math, reading, and science and let parents do their jobs as parents and talk about those sensitive issues at home where it should be,” Garcia asserted. 

Here’s the rest. Bills like this marginalize us even more because they single out gay people and put the shame right back on them. And the reasoning isn’t even accurate. 

Straight Women and Homophobia

I don’t think this article or topic applies to all women. It’s mainly for the ultra vicious feminists and the conservative Christian crows. Most of the women I know support gay men, but I do see others on social media who actually believe that they are more marginalized than we are. And the first thing they shout if you challenge them is misogyny. 

I don’t know how that can be. No straight woman was ever deprived of going to her prom with a man. No straight woman ever had to worry about whether or not her marriage would ever be legal. No straight legally married woman ever had to carry about POA papers if her spouse was hospitalized. No straight woman was ever banned or criminalized. No straight woman, as far as I know, was ever thrown off a tall building because of who she chose to love. I could continue, but you get my point. I face a certain amount of discrimination every day of my life. Just look at the don’t say gay bills. I don’t see any don’t say straight woman bills being introduced. 

The problem is that so many of these straight women who are either conservatives or terfs are so deeply rooted in their straight privilege they don’t get it. And this article to which I’m linking now tackles the homophobia that some…not all…straight women harbor. 

This is so spot on. I see all the time myself. 

“More often than not, the homophobia I witness online is from cishet women – not even men.” says 23-year-old Indian poet and activist Aditya Tiwari, who adds that these phrases create a “false notion of what queerness can and cannot be – boxing them into one category.”

Here’s more. It’s a fascinating and relevant article that speaks the truth. The bottom line for me is that straight white women with privilege are not nearly as marginalized as anyone who falls under the LGBTQIA umbrella. 

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