Kathleen Passidomo a Republican In Florida Wants to Expand Don't Say Gay Laws to Middle School, Florida's Long Shameful History, Ryan Field Books

 Kathleen Passidomo a Republican In Florida Wants to Expand Don’t Say Gay Laws to Middle School

Yesterday I got into a quick discussion with a MAGA from Florida who supports the don’t say gay laws because he said he doesn’t want sex taught to kids from kindergarten to 3rd grade. And I told him I don’t want that either, and then I told him that LGBTQ people are not just about sex. Especially gay men. However, the discussion didn’t last because I block idiots.

With that said, Passidomo in Florida is looking into expanding the don’t say gay laws into middle school, and she’s serious. 

Here’s more. They even mention that most Democrats don’t want younger kids taught sex in school. But the problem is that discussing a gay married couple and how they live has nothing to do with sex. And I’m sure some of these kids have gay moms and dads. 

Florida’s Long Shameful Homophobic History

This piece is about Florida’s long history of being anti-gay. Florida once had a legislative investigation committee called the Johns Committee. This committee, named after an influential politician in Florida named Charley John, was known for going after gay men. From the years 1957 to 1963, gay men were targeted, shamed, and outed at Florida Universities. Some were even convicted and many were denied legal counsel. 

Fast forward to the 1970s just as gay liberation was beginning to make headway, a campaign against gay men led by Anita Bryant brought even more homophobia to Florida. Bryant would allegedly refer to gay men as “human garbage.” This wing nut, Bryant, truly believed that gay men wanted to recruit little kids because we can’t reproduce. Well, the moron was wrong on both counts. One, you can’t recruit anyone to be gay. You are born gay. And no one just turns gay. Second, we now can reproduce with all the advances in science. I know several gay couples who have their own biological kids through surrogates. And even back in the 70s gay men were marrying women and having kids. 

But what this article really does is that is shows Florida’s shameful treatment of gay men over the years. And it goes into detail

You can read the rest here. 

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