DC Attorney General Says Don't Say Gay Bills Are Unconstitutional, Ryan Field Books

 DC Attorney General Says Don’t Say Gay Bills Are Unconstitutional

Here’s a story about the don’t say gay bills and how they may be unconstitutional. As I recall, a few years back when states started to make gay marriage legal they also claimed that the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. 

In fact. Karl Racine is part of a group of 18 other attorneys who strongly believe the don’t say gay bills are unconstitutional.  

“My office has a strong track record of fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in the District and across the country to make sure that everyone can simply be who they are and love who they love,” Racine said.

Here’s the rest. I don’t think I would mind the don’t say gay bill so much if the scales were balanced. In other words, I want don’t say straight bills, too. As I look back at my formative years, even though I knew I was gay back then, the straights continued to groom me with things like making me play sports and other toxic male beliefs. Sometimes I wonder how we all survived that straight BS.

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