Gay Republican Congressman George Santos and His Resume, Ryan Field Books

 Gay Republican Congressman George Santos and His Resume

I’ve always been a gay Democrat…it’s a family thing. Both of my parents, and grandparents were Democrats, too. However, as a gay man I find it necessary to support both Democrat and Republican politicians simply because they are gay. That’s right. Anyone who doesn’t like that can take a hike. 

With that said, George Santos is supposedly the first elected official to Congress who is an openly gay man. That’s big for all gay people, Democrat or Republican. In this case, with Santos, he happens to be a Republican and that’s a bit unusual. But it’s not impossible. I see a good deal of young gay Republicans on social media. 

This article to which I’m linking sounds like a hit piece if I ever saw one. They’re saying that Santos may have lied on his resume. The key words being “may have.” They don’t have any definitive evidence. They also refer to him as a “messy gay” who lives for drama. It’s definitely a political hit piece. Kind of like the way they went after poor Elizbeth Warren with the native American thing.

And what is really sad is that this is a gay publication going after one of its own. 

Here’s more. Now, if all this can be proven against Santos and it is determined that he lied, I might change my mind about him. But for now, I support gay anything, and that overrides political parties for me. We don’t get many chances in this world and I will not turn on my own kind. 

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