Gay Couples In India Want Legal Gay Marriage, Ryan Field Books

 Gay Couples In India Want Legal Gay Marriage

I often post about what’s going on around the world with regard to gay people. Some places are still so homophobic it’s dangerous to live there and be gay. 

However, here is a story about gay couples in India who want their Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage in spite of how many times it’s been turned down.

Actually, there are four gay couples asking the courts to legalize gay marriage. It’s been a long but somewhat positive journey for gay people in India. In 2018 they decriminalized “homosexuality” and that was a huge step toward equality. 

And now they are only asking for the same legal rights, with regard to marriage, as hetero couples. And for all you straight women out there. This is not just about love and happy times. It’s not a Hallmark movie written by a straight woman. This is about legal rights  like sharing health insurance and the ability to nominate each other in life insurance policies. This is important for quality of life issues. We…gay couples…have the love and happy times already. What we all need are the same rights straights have. 

Here’s more. They talk about what a big issue this is going to be, and they even mention that it’s also a public issue that “society” should debate. And that part really bothers me. Why do we need straights debating our equal rights? I know I don’t want mom and pop Christian from Florida deciding how my life should turn out. It’s not fair to any gay couple in any country. 

In any event, I’ll post more about this in the future. Do the right thing, India. Let gay couples become equals. We are not going to disappear any time soon. In fact, you’ll be seeing more of us. 

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