Openly Gay Actor was Told He Couldn't Kiss His Date In LA Restaurant, Ryan Field Books

 Openly Gay Actor was Told He Couldn’t Kiss His Date In LA Restaurant

I know I’m always harping about how openly gay actors are always passed over for parts in gay films. And they hire the straight actor to play gayface instead. The same goes for the writing aspect, too. Mostly, you will see straight writers doing gay content…just like in the world of publishing. It’s cultural appropriation that no one seems ready to acknowledge. 

My point is that there is still a great deal of homophobia around and it comes from various places. Some of it comes from right wing religious groups, and some comes from our very own allies. There is nothing more that straight people love than watching good looking straight guys play gayface. They also love to watch and read gay content written by non-gay writers. This is a more passive aggressive form of homophobia, and even though they claim to love and support us, it doesn’t help us gain equality. 

With that said, here’s the story of an openly gay actor who went to an LA restaurant and was told he couldn’t kiss his date. The actor’s name is Drew Droege and he’s known for his impressions of a famous actress, Chloe Sevigny. He claims it was a “really nice date” until something happened. 

At one point during their meal, they embraced and kissed, and the manager came over and told them to stop. Then the manager told them that it was a family place. When Droege pointed out that there were straight couples doing the same thing in the restaurant, the manager became nasty.

Droege and his date left the restaurant and Droege posted his experience on Instagram, and this is one of the things he said:

“Ever wonder why gay people often seem nervous?” he wrote. “Why do we talk faster? Why do we work so hard to please others and be good little citizens in the world?”

Here’s more. Droege also posted a photo of the restaurant along with the name. And the restaurant, of course, is backtracking and issuing statements about looking into the matter. What I find most interesting is the “family place,” comment. It seems that anything with “family” in it nowadays is code for anti-LGBTQ. 


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