Yoel Roth Gay Former Twitter Official In Hiding and Fearing For His Life, Ryan Field Books

 Yoel Roth Gay Former Twitter Official In Hiding and Fearing For His Life

I’m linking to an article about a former Twitter official, Yoel Roth, who left Twitter when Elon Free Speech Musk took over. When I refer to Musk as Elon Free Speech Musk it’s because since he took over I have yet to see any signs of free speech. In fact, I’ve seen more censorship than ever. One friend I know was having a discussion with a far right conservative over COVID, and my friend mentioned cancer and she was immediately suspended. My other friend who is a nudist was also censored, which again is not free speech. And it seems the MAGA crowd is showing up in big numbers on Twitter. 

I’ve also seen Elon Free Speech Musk start charging people for blue checks on Twitter, 8 bucks a month. And it’s interesting to see how many in the Musk fandom are actually paying for them. In short, it’s not the Twitter I signed up for in 2008, and it’s becoming more and more toxic as each day passes. The good news is that I can live without Twitter. When I signed up in 2008 a really didn’t go there much. And even though I’ve been there a lot more since around 2012, I can live without it. So whether or not I stay there remains to be seen. 

But I digress. Yoel Roth, openly gay former Twitter employee, is allegedly in hiding and fearing for his life after Musk sent out Tweets majorly criticizing him. Roth’s former job at Twitter was dealing with what they refer to as sensitive materiel that included suspending Donald Trump. And we all know where that is going to lead. 

In any event, it’s a long story and complicated and I don’t want to get it wrong. You can read it all here, in full. It’s free, too. 


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Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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