The Ways That Pushy Passive Aggressive Straight Women Objectify Men, Ryan Field Books

The Ways That Pushy Passive Aggressive Straight Women Objectify Men

Lately, I have seen so many straight women objectify a man that I know in the entertainment industry it’s almost nauseating. It’s usually a certain type of woman, too. She’s always complaining about being on a diet but you never see results. She’s usually middle aged, anywhere between 40 and 60. And she is almost always married…but not always. Sometimes the single middle aged straight women who find it hard to get dates can be the worst when it comes to objectifying a good looking man. 

I’ve experienced it myself at at times. And like most other men, straight or gay, we smile and take it because we have been taught not to be unkind to women. That somehow women are much more delicate than men. It’s one of the oldest double standards. And I’m not just singling out straight women now. We all know well that men objectify women. The difference is that men who do this almost always get called out for it, but the women get away with anything. 

I’m linking to an article now that discusses the way straight women objectify men. The article begins by stating that straight women will be the first ones to scream about men objectifying them, but they think nothing of objectifying men. I’ve even seen them touching men in certain vulgar ways that would make these same women scream if a man did it to them. Again, the double standard. 

In any event, here’s a link to the article. It’s very good. It talks about how the media and the entertainment industry promote the objectification of men. And they way it’s increasing. The fact that if a man goes without a shirt, it does not give anyone the right to demean him or objectify him. 

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