A Piece About Why it Took Gay Rights So Long, Ryan Field Books

 A Piece About Why it Took Gay Rights So Long

This is an excellent piece that starts out with how a man named Henry Gerber was persecuted by the straights for starting what many believe is the first gay rights organization. That happened in 1925 and we have been fighting for our rights ever since. 

We are still fighting for quality today, but in different ways. The right wing red states want to silence us and send us back into the closet, and the left wing so-called allies continue to appropriate gay culture for monetary gain in films, TV shows, and books. We get it from all angles. Many of our so-called allies are so deeply rooted in straight white privilege, they don’t even realize it when they are keeping us down. We don’t need you to save us. We need you to support us. 

I once had a publisher, Ravenous Romance, tell me that I couldn’t use the word “thug” in a book because she thought it was racist. And then I found out that she published a “gay romance” that was written by a straight white man. Both of them were seriously liberal, and both of them thought nothing of the cultural appropriation they did. However, the straight guy’s book tanked, and Ravenous Romance eventually went out of business. And there was no need to wonder why. I’m just glad I had all my rights reverted to me. 

But I digress, the piece to which I’m linking continues to discuss the history of the gay rights movement in the US with some excellent examples. According to this piece, what is considered the beginning started with groups like Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis. I’m not all that familiar with either. They didn’t teach us about that in high school or college.

It’s a fascinating piece and you can read more about it here. The entire piece is mainly about Henry  Gerber and The Society for Human Rights that dates back to 1924. They mention a few more important names as well.  If you’re like me, this is all fresh news that I didn’t know existed. They also enforce the importance of this kind of gay history and equality, just so no one thinks all this started up just recently.

It has always been a long hard battle. 

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