The Straight Media Outlets Support Gayface With Harry Styles in "The Policeman," Ryan Field Books

 The Straight Media Outlets Support Gayface With Harry Styles in “The Policeman”

Before I say anything else, I’d like to make it clear I like the author of this article, I’ve met him on Twitter, and he’s a very nice guy. 

I just started seeing the film, The Policeman, show up on Amazon Prime and every time I see it I want to gag. No, I will not be watching this. I have watched Harry Styles queer baiting for months and I have no interest in watching another straight play gayface in a film or TV show while there are thousands of openly gay actors who cannot get jobs. 

But one thing that always remains consistent whenever straight plays gay, the mainstream media is always out there supporting the straight actor instead of calling attention to the cultural appropriation of gay men. It never fails. 

I’m linking to an article right now where they discuss the gay sex scenes in The Policeman. They are still taking writing and acting jobs away from us and creating gay content that is not authentic. And don’t tell me it’s only “acting,” because if that were the case Meryl Streep would be playing the lead role in the life story of Rosa Park. But Streep wouldn’t do that. And, for the record, Tom Hanks recently came out against straight actors playing gayface. 

As long as there are straight actors out there playing gayface, and there are straight writers writing quasi gay content, nothing at all has improved. It’s just straights exploiting and making money on gay culture. 

You can read the entire article, here. I’m done. And I will not be watching  any TV Show or Film that takes acting and writing jobs away from openly gay artists. And, in all fairness, maybe the author of the article hasn’t heard about cultural appropriation or stealing gay culture. I do, in fact, know many gay men who haven’t realized this yet. And he seems like a nice person who’s trying. 

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