Day: November 5, 2022

There Have Always Been Gay Rural Country People, Ryan Field Books

 There Have Always Been Gay Rural Country People

Sometimes I see these headlines and I just shake my head and wonder what are these people thinking. Of course there have always been gay country people living quiet lives in rural areas. There are gay people everywhere. We just don’t know it all the time. 

With that said, when I owned my art gallery in New Hope, I would often see gay men of all ages walking through town. It was just for the day. They would stop and we would talk, and many would purchase something small from the gallery. I always enjoyed meeting them and hearing about where they came from. The majority lived in rural places where they couldn’t come out of the closet, and they would go to gay New Hope for the day just too be around other gay people. 

The article I’m linking to right now discusses gay people who live in more rural areas. As obvious as it seems, I have to admit that it’s not a topic we see discussed often. I didn’t know half the things I read in this article. I think when most people think of gay people they tend to imagine them living in more urban areas. However, in rural Northern Ireland (a place I’d love to visit) there is a one day festival that sounds like fun that focuses on gay people who live in the country. 

It’s called The Bona Palooza Festival and it celebrates gender and sexual minorities that have lived in the rural area over the years. 

Here’s where you can read more about it.  There are a few photos and they go into more detail with a few famous names like the grandson of US President Chester Arthur, Gavin Arthur. Gavin had a fascinating life. He worked at an interior designer for Jacqueline Kennedy and had a gay affair with an activist. 

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