Sam Williams Son of Hank Williams and His Gay Identity, Ryan Field Books

Sam Williams Son of Hank Williams and His Gay Identity

With all that’s going on now regarding the Paul Pelosi incident, here’s a nice story about Sam Williams and his own gay identity. The Paul Pelosi thing is really bothering me because our alleged allies are once again stabbing us in the back. They seem to think it’s inconceivable that Paul Pelosi might be gay. They are attaching shame to it and that’s totally wrong. It shouldn’t matter one way or the other if Pelosi is gay or not. What really matters here to me if Pelosi is gay is that the man spent his entire life in the closet. And then again, it could all be hype and Paul Pelosi isn’t gay at all. 

But I digress. Here’s a more positive story about the son of country star, Hank Williams. I’m sure the Pelosi story will just die down and disappear. The mainstream media, although they praise us during Pride month, usually goes silent with stories like this. 

Sam Williams not only came out of the closet, but he plans to incorporate references to his sexuality in a new video. This is big because typically, the music industry doesn’t celebrate anything gay. They still seem to shy away from it after all there years. That’s probably why Ricky Martin remained in the closet all those years.  That’s why when I wrote my book titled, When a Man Loves a Man, as a statement regarding the old country song, When a Man Loves a Woman. I know there are one or two gay performers who’ve come out, but there should be more. 

Here’s a link the entire article. It’s free to read and you’ll see a nice photo of Williams. 

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