When Our Gay "Allies" Brag and Boast About Going to Homophobic Countries that Criminalize Us, Ryan Field Books

 When Our Gay “Allies” Brag and Boast About Going to Homophobic Countries that Criminalize Us

There are many frustrating things I could talk about with regard to our alleged gay “allies,” but I’ll just focus on this one issue for now. It’s something that really bothers me, and if you’re gay it should bother you, too.

I follow this one celebrity on Facebook and she’s always claimed to be a gay ally. She seems like a nice person. She’s always friendly. However, she is a classic example of how straight white people become so steeped in their own privilege they don’t even realize when they are insulting us. Not a clue. 

This alleged gay ally recently posted about her upcoming trip to a country in Africa that is so anti-gay they not only criminalize us, the punishment for gay sex is life imprisonment. And this celebrity brags and boasts about this being the African trip of a lifetime, and how much she’s looking forward to going to this hateful homophobic country. She even started hocking other people to join her on this trip. 

She’s also performing on this trip, which means she’s either getting paid or she’s going to Africa for free. But that’s not my point here. My main point is that here is someone who claims to be a gay ally and she slaps us in the face by bragging about a homophobic country. And that hurts, and it segregates us from straight people. I realize that it’s her straight white privilege that keeps her from knowing about countries like this. Why should she worry? No one is going to throw her in jail for kissing her husband. She’s never had to worry about things like that. Yet it still hurts. 

In any event, she should know that this country is homophobic. All straight people who claim to be gay allies should know about what is going on with LGBTQIA people all over the world. Africa is not the only place were gay people are criminalized. There are many more throughout the entire Middle East. 

Here is a link that will show you 70 homophobic countries in the world. And if you claim to be a gay ally, you really should read it. 

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