Homophobic Dad In Palm Beach Florida Doesn't Want Rainbow Flags in School, Russia Will Ban LGBTQ "Propaganda" with Adults Now, Ryan Field Books

 Homophobic Dad In Palm Beach Florida Doesn’t Want Rainbow Flags in School

Well, it didn’t take long for the don’t say gay bill in Florida to kick in. 

The father of a child in a Palm Beach school is suing Palm Beach County because a teacher allegedly  put up rainbow flags and started talking about LGBTQ issues. And Palm Beach County always seemed more liberal to me. But I could be wrong about that. 

The homophobic father and son claim to be orthodox Christians who think that anything gay as a sin. 

Here’s the rest. It gets a lot more complicated. But the gist of the story  revolves around homophobia, once again. 

These straights just don’t understand that being gay is not just about sex and sexuality. We have an entire culture and a long history. Sadly, a good deal of our history is about shame and homophobia. 

Russia Will Ban LGBTQ “Propaganda” with Adults Now

The Florida don’t say gay bill seems to be a clone of the Russian gay propaganda law. Both state that anything LGBTQ cannot be said around kids. It could be G-rated and perfectly clean. But these laws criminalize us if we even dare to mention anything LGBTQ. 

And now Russia is allegedly planning to expand this gay propaganda law to include adults. 

This part I found interesting. Russian officials claim that anything or anyone going against “Traditional Family Values,” is the same as pornography, violence, or promoting religious tensions. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. 

This extension of the gay propaganda law also involves the censorship of books. 

You can read more, here. This is much bigger than it appears to be. And it’s too reminiscent of what happened with World War 2.  Hitler put us in concentration camps and murdered us. And when the war was over the straights didn’t even count us among Hitler’s war crimes because being gay was still illegal in Germany. This how the Pink Triangle became a symbol for us. 

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