Why Gay Men Can't Donate Sperm, Ryan Field Books

 Why Gay Men Can’t Donate Sperm

This is something I did not know. 

The FDA actually restricts gay men from donating sperm if they have had sex with men for the last five years. Five years?? 

This article is about a guy named TreVaughn Roach-Carter. He tried to donate sperm but he was rejected because he’s gay. He claims that as a gay black man he wants to help other gay couples who want to build families. And there is a shortage of black sperm donors.  But the day after he gave his sperm, they rejected him. They didn’t even test him for anything else. It was just because he admitted to being gay. 

However, according to this article, they don’t really target gay men, per say. There is a long list of reasons why sperm donors get rejected. If you have a certain conditions such as bipolar disorder you will be rejected. 

The problem with all this is that the FDA ban on gay men dates back to the early days of AIDS. Even though gay donors are tested and the sperm is quarantined for 6 months, the FDA refuses to end the ban. 

I can understand testing thoroughly, but to continue this ban just doesn’t seem right. What if someone lied about not being gay? How do they test for that? 

You can read it all, here. It goes into more detail about the lack of black sperm donors. 

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