What Exactly Is In the National Don't Say Gay Bill, Ryan Field Books

What Exactly Is In the National Don’t Say Gay Bill

In short, this new national Don’t Say Gay Bill the Republicans want to pass means the banning of instruction on gender identity, and any sexual orientation. They want this to be mandated from Kindergarten until 3rd grade. It’s interesting to me because I knew I was gay when I was in kindergarten. And it wasn’t a sexual thing. I didn’t know what sex was then. It was more like knowing I was different from the others, but not in a good way. And when I was growing up anything gay was so forbidden it was never discussed. So basically, this new bill would take us backward. 

This bill’s language is very broad. They want to stop all programs LGBTQ related for children under the age of ten. Frankly, I don’t want to see kids under the age of ten exposed to anything sexual either. However, being LGBTQ is NOT just sex and sexuality. And to stop kids from talking about who they are is a travesty, especially when there are so many gay parents out there today. 

You can read more of the details here. I don’t want to get anything wrong. But I do think this is a direct attack on LGBTQ people all over the US, and it’s the “family values” Christian right that is doing it. And I think what concerns me the most is that if they can do this, what’s next? Are they going to try to criminalize gay people next? Don’t be surprised. 


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