A Father's Advice is Don't Use "Gay" As An Insult, Ryan Field Books

 A Father’s Advice is Don’t Use “Gay” As An Insult

For most of my life I’ve been listening to certain straights…not all…use the word gay as either an insult or in an offhanded manner in a poor attempt to be funny. It’s not funny now and it wasn’t funny back when I was a gay kid and had to listen to it. And in a way, it’s also a form of bullying. 

And sadly, I still see it on social media in places like TikTok or Instagram. Toxic young straight men will joke and laugh that something or someone is “gay” without giving it a second thought. Well, we are sick of it and people are finally beginning to speak up. So sit down and pay attention. 

Well, now a father is speaking up because an older kid in his neighborhood was constantly calling his kid gay. They live in a heteronormative old neighborhood where this kind of thing is still common. (Hence why Tony and I never lived in places like this.) 

The poor kid who was bullied by these straight kids broke down in tears one day and he asked his father why it’s so bad to be gay. And the father seemed to handle the situation well. 

You can read more, here. They get into the fact that the word “gay” is considered an “identity term,” and that it’s not supposed to be used as a pejorative anymore. They also mention that so many straights do not understand what transgender means. And I see that a lot myself on social media. And then, of course, you get the creepy Christians who don’t want to know. 

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