Another Straight White Privilege is that You Can Move Wherever You Want, Ryan Field Books

 Another Straight White Privilege is that You Can Move Wherever You Want

Whenever I see someone with straight white privilege claim they are poor and work hard I always try to come up with an example of what “privilege” really means. I now they don’t “get” it. It has nothing to do with money or working hard. It has nothing to do with the kinds clothes you wear or the kind of car you drive. Straight white privilege refers to the fact that you have much more freedom to do (or say) whatever you want because you are part of the mainstream and not a marginalized group. 

Although a lot of this is changing these days, there is still one straight white privilege that gay couples don’t have. When Tony and I were first together we lived in a beautiful town house in Newtown, PA. It’s only a few miles away from New Hope, PA. But Newtown is mostly heteronormative and New Hope has always been a gay enclave. One Christmas when Tony and I were outside decorating the house, the little boy next door shouted to his father: “Hey dad, can we get green lights like the f%gs next door? The man rushed his kid into the house fast, and Tony and I just stood there stunned. The next morning we called our realtor friend and told him to list the town house. 

At that time, we made the conscious choice of moving to New Hope, which was a safe gay haven for us. It wasn’t that the little boy had intimidated us, we just didn’t want to hear that crap anymore.  New Hope is a small town, but it’s like San Francisco and New York in many ways. And gay people seem to flock there just like they flock to Wilton Manors or Palm Springs, CA. After what that little boy said, we made the decision that we would never again live in a heteronormative community. This is why we now live in Palm Springs, CA. We now have all gay doctors and most of our neighbors are gay. In fact, you can’t go anywhere in Palm Springs without seeing someone who is gay. It makes a difference. 

However, my main point here is that straight people can move wherever they want without feeling unsafe, targeted, or awkward. And that’s a privilege that most gay people don’t have. I saw a Tweet the other day posted by a young gay man living in a heteronormative town and he was tired of the discrimination he faces on a daily basis. I tried to offer him encouragement, but I’m not sure it helped. It’s a terrible thing to realize the place where you live doesn’t accept you. From what I’ve seen, many gay men go back into the closet so no one will target them. 

And right now, this is part of life for some gay men. I know a few who will say I’m wrong about this, but I think they are only fooling themselves. They’re in denial. 

Here is an article about Mark Wahlberg moving out of California for his kids. And that’s because he can move anywhere he wants. I just hope he doesn’t have any gay kids. 

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