"Bros" Admits the Annoying Truth About Gay Men, Ryan Field Books

 “Bro’s” Admits the Annoying Truth About Gay Men

Before I get into this article fully, yesterday Billy Eichner and “Bros” were both trending on Twitter and I was amazed at the way so many straight people come out of the woodwork to either slam Bros, or comment on a gay film as if they know all there is about gay men. These straights were even comparing Bustedback Mountain to Bros, as if they have anything at all in common. Bros is an authentic gay film written and performed by openly gay artists. Bustedback Mountain was contrived content written by a straight white woman during a time when few gay men could even break into publishing. So I had fun blocking people on Twitter yesterday. No straight is going to tell me what it’s like to be gay. That’s my story. 

With that said, I’m now linking to an article about Bros that goes into more detail than most. It’s mostly a review, but with a few insights with which I agree. It’s actually kind of tongue and cheek at some points, especially where he admits that we as gay people can be annoying at times. But I think that’s because we’ve always had to fight so hard for everything. Nothing has ever come easy to an openly gay man, to the point were I sometimes think these closeted cowards in Hollywood who fake being straight and everyone believes them might have a point. Maybe they are right.  Maybe being liars is working for them. 

In any event, the reviewer speaks about how we usually see gay men portrayed in films, and how different Bros is. I really can’t argue with anything he wrote. I just want to add that no matter what Bros does or says about gay men, I’m thrilled to finally see a film like this come out. I’m so tired of straights playing gayface and straight writers appropriating my culture that I could gag. And sadly, good old Bradley Cooper is in a new film where he plays gayface, again. And the straights will run to the box office to see this garbage because it’s Bradley Cooper appropriating a gay man. That’s what I’m sick of. 

So, for anyone who hasn’t seen or heard anything about Billy Eichner’s all gay film, this review will help. You can find it here. And for any gay man that doesn’t support Bros, maybe you should read a little more about cultural appropriation and what it really means and why you shouldn’t support it anymore. 


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