Being Gay in North Texas: From Beatings to Shaming, Ryan Field Books

 Being Gay in North Texas: From Beatings to Shaming

This is disturbing, but not surprising. The only thing I know about Texas is that we drive through the panhandle when we’re doing cross country trips. The only city we really see is Amaryllis. So I really don’t know much about Texas other than what I read online. 

And this story doesn’t set the stage very well for Texas. It already has a “reputation” and this doesn’t make it any better. During an interview this year a few LGBTQ advocates decided to share the struggles they’ve been through in Texas. From growing up gay there to the suicide rates of gay teens. They talk about what it was like during the AIDS crisis and how gay men were mocked, beaten, and shamed. Many gay men went back into the closet fearing the worst might happen to them. Others moved away to New York for treatment. 

They discuss what Texas churches were like, and how gay men and lesbians often went out together faking that they were straight couples. But worst of all, they talk about what it was like in nightclubs and the way the police would target gay people in certain ways just to arrest them. 

With all this said, I don’t think it’s fair just target Texas with all of this homophobia. I grew up in the New York New Jersey area. And I’m very familiar with Philadelphia. When you went to a gay club back then there were usually straight guys waiting across the street from the entrance screaming anti-gay slurs at you. I experienced that firsthand. And the discrimination against those with  AIDS wasn’t much different anywhere. The only problem with Texas is that it doesn’t seem to have evolve with the rest of America. 

You can read it all in full, here. 


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