Billy Eichner and Why "Bros" Wasn't a Box Office Smash, Ryan Field Books

 Billy Eichner and Why “Bros” Wasn’t a Box Office Smash

We still haven’t seen Billy Eichner’s new movie, Bros, yet and that’s mostly because we don’t go to movie theaters that much anymore. Especially with COVID still going around. I know a lot of you have moved on from COVID and you’re pretending it doesn’t exist, but I’m not one of you. I still take precautions, and people are still getting COVID. 

With that said, I think I would have made an exception this time…if I had known. I’m now linking to a piece where Billy Eichner talks about Bros and what happened at the box office. Bros is a 22 million dollar film that only brought in 4.8 million on spite of excellent ratings and reviews. Eichner believes that the low turn out is because the straights didn’t show up. And of course I have to agree with him. 

All these years gay people have had to endure all this straight oriented content, whether we liked it or not. From James Bond to Harry Potter, we’ve sat through it all. And here comes one decent, well-reviewed gay film and the straights don’t want to see it. They laughed at us, not with us, through years of Will and his GD Grace. They just loved gay content written by a straight woman in Bustedback Mountain. But put out an authentic gay film, written by gay people, starring openly gay actors, and the straights look the other way. (And you know I’m not talking about all straight people. Just the majority.) 

But don’t worry straight people. You still have several films coming out with straight actors playing gayface. So there’s that. I’m sure you’ll love that. 

Here’s a link to the article.  I do plan to see Bros as soon as I can. 

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