With Recent Anti-Gay Laws Old Gay Activists Think History is Repeating Itself, Ryan Field Books

 With Recent Anti-Gay Laws Old Gay Activists Think History is Repeating Itself

As far back as I can recall, LGBTQIA people have had to deal with inequality. But we are now living in some of the best times for gay people. I can’t talk about everyone under the LGBTQIA umbrella right now. But I can talk about gay men right now. We have legalized marriage, which is HUGE. We get all the benefits straights get from marriage. And public opinion continues to change, in our favor, every time someone does a poll. 

So what these old activists are talking about is interesting. I’m not discounting it and I’m not mocking it. Even though they themselves will admit to the progress we’ve made, they still believe we are going backward in some cases. 

What is the reasoning? Well, someone threw a rock through the window of an LGBTQIA Center in Gainesville, FL. A few doctors who provide gender affirming care claim they have been harassed. And at drag venues…they don’t mention anything specific…there have been protests. These older activists believe that all this could take us in a backward direction. 

A man named Andrew Shaffer, who is involved with some LGBTQIA historical society claims that the “rhetoric” people are using today is the same that was use 20 or 40 years ago. And he’s not wrong in come cases. The homophobia is still around. But I was around 20 years ago and so many people in the mainstream have changed since then. Yes, the rhetoric is still there, but it’s not as loud anymore. Not by any means. I was there. 

While I don’t totally disagree with this article, I do believe some of these older activists should now start focusing on what Hollywood does to gay men. They still hire straight male actors to play gayface. Or look at book publishing. Straight white women dominate the gay romance genre. There is a TV show right now with gay content that was written by a woman. This is the kind of cultural appropriation, especially for monetary gain, we should also be focused on, so that it will, indeed, bring us all into the future. I know that I’m tired of this passive aggressive form or homophobia by so-called allies. Real allies don’t appropriate. 

You can read the article here. It’s not bad, and it’s not without merit. I just believe it’s time to move forward with a new brand of activism and show them we are not Will and Grace anymore. 

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