Jeffery Dahmer Reporter Claims the Netflix Series, "Dahmer," Missed Many Facts of the Case, Ryan Field Books

 Jeffery Dahmer Reporter Claims the Netflix Series, Dahmer, Missed Many Facts of the Case

Tony and I are watching the Dahmer series on Netflix right now and we know that the entire story has been fictionalized and dramatized for the sake of entertainment. They took a great deal of “artistic license.” And I think in most cases with a story like that you can expect a certain amount of fiction. I remember following this case back in the 90s and even I saw a few flaws. But I don’t mind that. The one thing I do mind is the way they try to make Dahmer out as a suffering poor soul. I’ve even seen younger people on Twitter claim they feel so much remorse for Dahmer. 

And that’s just ridiculous. Those of you who want to feel sorry for him, don’t. The guy was a despicable monster, plain and simple. He murdered countless numbers of gay men and did absolutely hideous things with their dead bodies. He had no respect for his victims whatsoever. He would meet them and talk to them at length, slowly bringing them into his hideous horror story. 

This new article now to which I’m linking is about the reporter, Anne E Schwartz, who broke the story back in the 90s. And she claims that many things in the series are not factual. As I said earlier, I didn’t expect them to be factual. But it seems they took a great deal of artistic license in some cases. 

For example, she claims that Dahmer’s apartment didn’t smell like dead bodies. She said it smelled like chemicals. She also claims that Ryan Murphy’s interpretation of the police officers as racist and homophobic is also false. That I find a bit hard to believe. Of course, the police aren’t going to admit to it, but I remember what it was like back then and I experienced that kind of homophobia. The police used to hunt gay men down in cruise areas, criminalize them, and treat them like dirt. So she’s clearly coming from a place of white privilege and she hasn’t a clue as to what gay men experienced in the 90s. Straights will often do this, especially straight women…not a clue. 

In any event, you can read more about all this, here. It’s not earth-shattering but it’s interesting.

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