What Exactly Is the Concept of Whataboutism? Ryan Field Books

 What Exactly Is the Concept of Whataboutism? 

Some nasty homophobic straight woman on Twitter accused me of whataboutism because I commented on a tweet where they were discussing Iranian women. I understand fully that it’s not always easy for some women in these restrictive Muslim countries, but my comment was about how LGBTQIA people are treated. And how gay men are still criminalized for sodomy. Clearly, I meant no disrespect to Iranian women. I even began the Tweet with, “I don’t mean to go off topic here but…”. And that was that. 

I was only comparing LGBTQIA people to Iranian women. But some nasty straight white woman Terf thought I was practicing Whataboutism, when I was only agreeing with the entire Tweet. So I blocked that homophobic idiot and moved on. I don’t engage with people like that anymore. I’m done. 

With that said, I thought I would do a post about whataboutism. It’s an interesting concept. 

Whataboutism or Whataboutery has several definitions, but mostly it’s considered a technique when responding to a difficult accusation or question by raising another question about a more difficult issue. In my case, I wasn’t really changing the subject, but that homophobic straight woman decided to make it look that way. 

In any event, the entire concept of whataboutism goes deeper and you can read more about it here at Wiki.

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Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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