Texas Judge and How He Canceled PrEP, Ryan Field Books

Texas Judge and How He Canceled PrEP

Recently, a judge in Texas with a strong anti-gay history struck down a requirement that stated insurance companies should provide PrEP. PrEP actually helps prevent HIV, which is a good thing. 

With that said, of course, I disagree with the judge who did this. But I don’t agree with everything in this article just based on facts alone. As far as I know, people with HIV nowadays treat the virus as a chronic illness, not a death sentence. In fact, most people with HIV who are taking meds are now undetectable. 

Under the ACA, insurance plans must cover thousands of forms of medical care from nicotine gum to breastfeeding supplies to, yes, PrEP. That’s because all of these interventions have been shown to save lives. Each year, 35,000 people in the United States become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. If all those people—gay, straight, everyone—took just one PrEP pill a day, that number could go to near zero. In short, PrEP saves lives.

Here’s more. As far as I know, PrEP is not saving lives. PrEP is preventing people who are promiscuous from getting HIV. I’m a gay man, I’m not promiscuous, and I don’t take PrEP. Millions of gay men don’t take PrEP because they worry about the long-term side effects that might happen. Kidney damage is a real concern.  And that’s not a judgment call and I don’t agree with what this judge did. I’m all for everyone taking PrEP if they choose to do so. I just like to get the facts right without sensationalizing them. 

And I think it’s important to know and understand that HIV is NOT a death sentence anymore. 

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