Harry Styles is Playing Gay for Pay and He's STILL Figuring Out His Sexuality, Ryan Field Books

 Harry Styles is Playing Gay for Pay and He’s STILL Figuring Out His Sexuality

This is interesting because even though Harry Styles has never come out as gay, he still trying to figure out his sexuality. As a gay man, I don’t understand this. I knew I was gay at 4 years old. But more than that, most of the other gay men I’ve known all my life knew they were gay at young ages. Of course, not all of them acted on that. Many remained in the closet and still do. Some even married women. But I have never once heard of someone who is Harry Style’s age say they are figuring out their sexuality. The guy is pushing 30. If he is gay, it’s time to open the proverbial cookie jar. 

With that said, Styles will be playing gay for pay in an upcoming film because he was attracted to the script by Ron Nyswaner who actually wrote the older film Philadelphia. That fact alone makes me wonder since Nyswaner is openly gay. I wonder how he can throw opnely gay actors under the bus when they so need the work. Some gay men will turn on each other.  It’s also a bit ironic since the star of Philadelphia, Tom Hanks, recently came out stating that we would never play a gay role again. He said that he would prefer an openly gay actor to play the gay role now. And I found that refreshing. Tom Hanks “gets” it. I love him for this.  

But I don’t think Harry Styles is getting it. And neither will his straight privileged fandom. They just don’t understand how wrong it is to culturally appropriate gay men. Or any other marginalized group. 

“So much of gay sex in film is two guys going at it, and it kind of removes the tenderness from it. There will be, I would imagine, some people who watch it who were very much alive during this time when it was illegal to be gay, and [Michael] wanted to show that it’s tender and loving and sensitive.”

And here’s the first example of how wrong this is. It’s a straight spin on gay culture and gay history. Back in the days when gay sex was considered taboo, we were roaming all of the cruising areas for sex. If you were gay and you weren’t, you were sitting home knitting. It was never tender and loving and sensitive. It was dirty, sometimes dangerous, and it was all about raw sex. And the straights never get this right because they never experienced it firsthand. They don’t know the first thing about gay relationships. And frankly, they don’t have to know anything. Just stay in your own lane and get out of our lane. 

Here’s more. It’s really an advertorial to promote Styles playing gay for pay. I will not be promoting this film, now or ever. So you’ll have to click the link for the details. 

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