Annie Proulx's Two Time Cultural Appropriation, Ryan Field Books

 Annie Proulx’s Two Time Cultural Appropriation

When I first learned about Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain being published in the New Yorker, I cringed a little. Even back then, at that time, I couldn’t understand why any reputable publisher would accept that kind of cultural appropriation. And that’s exactly what it was, and my guess is that she did it for cash. There is also a certain amount of fetishization, too. My biggest problem was that I knew, at the time, there were indeed many gay men writing gay romances that were better than Proulx’s and more authentic. But the publisher still overlooked gay male authors and went with the straight.

The story in the New Yorker was published as a short book, and then they made a GD movie out of it so straight people could enjoy watching “the gays” on the screen. I read the book and saw the movie and I found so many small issues with it I was stunned that so many gay men were praising it. But in all fairness to those gay men, there wasn’t much gay content out and I think they were thrilled to have Hollywood throw them a bone. They didn’t see the discrimination I saw working in publishing. 

However, I had no idea that Annie Proulx culturally appropriated something else. It’s really an article about how these authors who culturally appropriate are doing it for money. And I believe that to be true. I’ve seen too many straight women writing gay romance, appropriating my culture, and I believe it’s for monetary gain. And it astounds me that some really dumb gay male authors will defend them. It is cultural appropriation no matter how you spin it or twist it around. And that’s just a fact.

 Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News is a fine Canadian book set in Newfoundland. But Proulx herself is American.

Here’s more. I know nothing about The Shipping News, but I trust the article to be true. He seems to also be for cultural appropriation in some respects, but you can’t blame him or his straight white privilege. It doesn’t sound as if he knows the first thing about being marginalized. Because for the victims of cultural appropriation it is more than just money. These shifty shady authors are stealing our identities. 

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