Republicans Help Pass House Vote for Same Sex Marriage Bill, Ryan Field Books

 Republicans Help Pass House Vote for Same-Sex Marriage Bill

This is not a huge surprise to me. I personally know gay republicans and I know that almost everyone nowadays has a gay kid, a gay boss, a gay uncle, or a gay neighbor. In short, we are everywhere and public opinion has shifted so much in the last ten years that something like 71% of the mainstream approves of gay marriage. The only area where we have trouble is with the far-right MAGA crowd.  Those who refer to themselves as Christians. 

With that said, there was a bill about same-sex marriage this past week and a number of Republicans voted in favor of the bill. Of course, quite a few voted against it, too. But at least we’re making some progress. 

Forty-seven Republicans across 21 different states joined a unanimous Democratic caucus in supporting the legislation, the Respect for Marriage Act, by a vote of 267-157, including Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the No. 3 Republican in the House; Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming; and Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, who is the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

Here’s more. This bill is supposed to repeal Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act which really set us back years. The bill is also designed to protect same-sex marriage on a federal level, plus legal protections for same-sex married couples. 

It’s an interesting article, with a thank you from Log Cabin Republicans. 

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