Adam Manno Slams All Gay Film "Fire Island" for Having Gay Men With Good Bodies, Ryan Field Books

 Adam Manno Slams All Gay Film “Fire Island” for Having Gay Men With Good Bodies

I don’t know who Adam Manno is, but he wrote a review about the new film out, Fire Island, without mentioning a few important facts. It’s not a bad review and he does make a few important points. But his focus is on good bodies and how he wishes there were not so good bodies in the movie, instead of the fact that this film is all gay content. And I so wish he had focused more on this. We should all be focused on this.  

He totally overlooks the fact that this film is all gay. A gay writer, gay actors, and all gay content without a straight spin. And after awful films from straight people like, Call Me by Your Name, which does nothing but appropriate gay culture, I find it refreshing to see something authentic in Fire Island

And if you’ve ever been to Fire Island, good bodies are indeed authentic to gay life there. No one eats. Gay men have an obsession with having great bodies and not just in Fire Island. That’s just a fact. I even obsess about it.  I’ve been on Keto for years and I have not had pizza or donuts in so long I can’t remember what they taste like. But I’m still a 32 waist. 

Now, I’m not totally disagreeing with Manno. I do think all body types should all be represented in books and films. But let’s also give a little praise to gay men who produce all gay content, without any straight washing like that awful Netflix series that was based on a book written by a straight woman. I gag when I think about it. 

I do agree with Manno on this, too. I would never attempt to write a gay romance about an Asian couple. I wouldn’t want to be guilty of the same cultural appropriation I’m usually harping about. 

That two Asian gay men star in a rom-com also directed by an Asian man is a feat in and of itself—though, of course, the movie stands as a solid piece of entertainment on its own merits.

Here’s more.  As I said, I agree with Manno on some things and disagree with others. Overall, it’s a good review. For me, the main point is that I’m thrilled and relieved that there was no cultural appropriation going in with this film. No straights doing gay for pay. And I hope this becomes a trend.

As a side note, I’m actually surprised that Manno mentions Brokeback Mountain, but only mentions gay men with good bodies. He never once mentions that the film was flawed in many respects because it’s based on a short story written by a straight white woman. We…all gay men…need to pay attention to this more. Otherwise we will lose our culture completely. It’s already happened with gay romance novels. In spite of the fact that it’s blatant cultural appropriation, straight women authors dominate the entire market. And it looks as though they always will.  They are vicious about it. 

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