They Don't Celebrate "Gay Pride" Month In Women's Prison, Jerusalem Celebrates 20 Years of Pride Marches, Ryan Field Books

 They Don’t Celebrate “Gay Pride” Month In Women’s Prison. 

This is an interesting article. I’m not even sure if they celebrate Pride month in men’s prisons. And to be honest when they refer to Pride Month as “Gay Pride” month they immediately lose credibility with me because it’s really considered Pride for everyone that falls under the LGBTQIA umbrella. It’s not just gay pride. 

But in the women’s lockups, it was completely different. In fact, women’s prison was the queerest place I’ve ever been — we just didn’t celebrate it. That’s because queerness, like a lot of things behind bars, carried extra risks.

Here’s more. The article gets into a lot more with regard to women in prison and what life is like there. 

Jerusalem Celebrates 20 Years of Pride Marches

This weekend I got into a discussion with a couple of straight people who are down on the US about how much safer it is here for LGBTQIA people than it is in most countries. For example, in the middle east, and in African countries gay men can be put in prison just for having sex. In some places, the punishments are worse. And these straight idiots on Twitter actually argued this point with me. 

In any event, this article about Jerusalem celebrating 20 years of Pride Marches is interesting. 

Jerusalem has held an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ rights since 2002, often having to push back against intimidation from ultra-Orthodox Jews among others.

Here’s the rest. It’s really a series of photos about Pride in Jerusalem. Great photos! 

Don’t Be Afraid of Virginia’s Woolf


Once Upon a Castle by Ryan Field

A Different Kind of Southern Love Story

What readers are saying about “Uncertainty”


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Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

What readers said about “Altered Parts”
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Altered Parts

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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