The Interesting Case of the "LGB" Group on Twitter. Pride Flags Stolen and "Groomer" Written In Lancaster City, Ryan Field Books

 The Interesting Case of the LGB Group On Twitter

I normally don’t post about people like this because I don’t like to call attention to them and I don’t like to be associated with them. However, in this case I’m making an exception. 

First, they call themselves “The LGB Group” without using any real identities or real photos. I despise that about Twitter. Have the courage to stand behind your names. Groups like this should be forced into full disclosure. 

Second, they basically want to distance themselves from the LGBTQIA community and remain exclusively Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual. It’s very clear in their Twitter bio…

A youth movement to separate ‘LGB’ and ‘TQ’. LGB is about SEXual orientation, and TQ is about ‘gender identity’. Sex Matters. #LGBdropTQ

Here’s the link to their Twitter page. 

Third, they have it all wrong. Being gay is not about sex or sexual orientation. Some gay men I know don’t even have sex. Being gay is about a culture, a marginalized group, and a history of shame and discrimination. 

Fourth, if you go there and read some of their Tweets they even use the word, “grooming” that’s so popular with the MAGA crowd these days. Right below this, I go into more detail about what grooming actually means. 

Pride Flags Stolen and “Groomer” Written In Lancaster City

The word “groomer” is probably one of the most offensive pejoratives used against LGBTQIA people to date. It implies pedophilia and makes us out to be criminals who are unsafe around children. And that’s so wrong. All statistics state that it’s straight males who are the real pedophiles. And it’s really offensive that now the MAGA crowd is referring to us as “groomers” over the don’t say gay bill in Florida. 

Most sex offenders are male. Researchers agree that sexual abuse by women is under-reported and under-documented, but even with this factored in, men are more likely to sexually abuse a child then women are.

And now that MAGAs are striking out against innocent gay business owners in Lancaster City.

A gay-owned downtown business had the word “groomers” written in chalk on the sidewalk outside its entrance, while over in the city’s northwest, someone wrote “groomer” on the sidewalk of the home of a lesbian couple with a Pride flag.

Here’s more. It’s interesting to note that the publication made an editor’s note that states they will not use the word “homosexual” any longer because it’s considered a pejorative. And frankly, I agree. I rarely use it at all anymore. It’s an old-time expression that always implied something furtive or abnormal. 

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