The Homophobia From "Straight Allies" Going After Madison Cawthorn, Ryan Field Books

 The Homophobia From “Straight Allies” Going After Madison Cawthorn

There’s a young conservative politician out there named Madison Cawthorn and he’s unique for many reasons. One, I think he’s the first member of Congress born in the 1990s. Two, he had a serious accident that left him in a wheelchair. Three, he’s extremely attractive. And four, he’s known for doing outrageous things…for a conservative republican. A photo of him dressed in lingerie surfaced last week. 

This week on Twitter, the vilest place in the universe, a leaked video of Madison Cawthorn came out again and my fellow liberal allies are going homophobic and they don’t even know it. Apparently, a while back Madison Cawthorn was in bed with another young guy (allegedly his cousin) and he was naked. He started dry humping his cousin’s face in what he claims was a joke and just fooling around. The video isn’t the clearest in the world, but you can see what I mean here if you have a Twitter account

Ever since the video of Cawthorn was leaked the homophobic comments on Twitter from gay allies just don’t want to end. I’m not giving names, but here are a few. 

Well at least There is one gay GOP member… I mean he is gay right?

No. My homophobic ally. That does NOT mean that he’s gay. What he’s doing in that video could mean many things, one of which is that he could be mocking gay men and gay sex. Straight men will do this to mock gay men. And there are plenty of gay republicans. 

not him being a whole rainbow cupcake

Someone decided to mock the rainbow…another gay ally.

Madison Cawthorn is not gay but his boyfriend is.

That one was a gem. Someone doesn’t realize that gay men and straight men have hookups all the time.

He is surprisingly mobile.

One person even started to shame his handicap. He does spend most of his time in a wheelchair. But that person is remarking on how fast Cawthorn can dry hump in bed. 

Frank,I was so shocked at seeing this I watched Waltons,Andy Griffith reruns last night.I led a sheltered life..

This straight woman was so stunned at seeing anything homoerotic that’s not Will and his Grace she started making jokes about two men in bed. And Frank just “loled.”  

Now, I’m no political fan of Matthew Cawthorn. I’m probably the antithesis of Madison Cawthorn. From what I gather he refers to himself as “Dark MAGA.” And that’s creepy. I know nothing about how he identifies either, but these homophobic allies on Twitter had him marked as gay the moment the video dropped. And here’s what’s wrong with that. If he is gay, there’s nothing simple about that. Not coming out of the closet is all about self-loathing, fear, and shame. And gay men get enough of that without the help of you straight allies. Making fun of two men in bed isn’t all that great either.  It’s a passive-aggressive form of homophobia. And it’s all about that straight white privilege. 

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