LGBTQIA Kids Are Bullied Far More Than Straight Cisgender Kids, Ryan Field Books

 LGBTQIA Kids Are Bullied Far More Than Straight Cisgender Kids

I’ve been seeing a lot about bullying recently and most of the information I’m seeing is about straight cisgender kids. None of these initiatives focus mostly on LGBTQIA kids. And they should be more focused on LGBTQIA kids because they are the kids who experience most of the bullying. And it’s always been that way. There’s always been either one or more nasty little straight bullies going after a kid who’s LGBTQIA.

And I like to remain focused. This is, indeed, another LGBTQIA issue. And I resent the fact that it’s often ignored in the mainstream. I also like to talk about these things openly because the straight initiatives tend to either gloss over LGBTQIA kids, or they give bad examples of how to deal with these straight cisgender bullies. 

I’m linking to an article now that claims LGBTQIA kids are more likely to be bullied. And from my own personal experience, I think they are spot on. These are statistics but just think about all the LGBTQIA kids who will not tell anyone they are being bullied for fear of shame, or they haven’t come out yet. That’s the thing the straights don’t understand. And how could they? 

  • 16% of gay and lesbian youth and 11% of bisexual youth have been threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, compared to 7% of straight youth

Here’s more. They are looking for professionals…real professionals…who know how to deal with LGBTQIA kids and bullying. I think this goes beyond the scope of the regular straight cisgender school counselor. They need more LGBTQIA counselors who understand the full impact. 

Here is an interesting government website about LGBTQIA kids and bullying. They actually give some good examples of how to deal with LGBTQIA bullying. 

This is extremely important.

  • Train school staff on how to create safe and supportive school environments for all students, including LGBTQI+ youth.

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