Anti-Gay MAGA Type Terrorizes Gay Dads and their Kids on a Train, Ryan Field Books

 Anti-Gay MAGA type Terrorizes Gay Dads and their Kids on a Train

This is scary because it can happen to any gay parents, it can happen anywhere, and these anti-gay MAGA types are all over the place. Many of whom are straight women. 

In this particular case, it was two gay men taking a short business trip from LA to Oakland, CA, one of whom works for the LGBTQIA publication, The Advocate. They also had their two beautiful, innocent children along with them. This really is brutal for a small child. 

Pierce, a substitute teacher, and their children were tagging along. Around 10 hours into the journey, a man in their carriage started shouting at the family, and particularly their 6-year-old son Calvin.

Here’s more. This man allegedly shouted that the two gay men had stolen their children and that they were pedophiles. Another scary part of this is that it coincides with the “grooming” spin these MAGA types have been trying to pin on LGBTQIA people ever since that don’t say gay bill in Florida passed. 

But make no mistake. This happened in California, not Florida. These MAGAs are everywhere. 

I don’t know how I’d react in a situation like this. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. I would have gone after anyone who shouted at my kids so fast and so hard they wouldn’t have known what hit them. I don’t like being a victim. 

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Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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