DeSantis Mad At "Say Gay" Billboards, What the Don't Say Gay Bill Is Actually About, Ryan Field Books

 DeSantis Mad At “Say Gay” Billboards

Last week I linked to a piece where Mayor Adams of New York City decided to support  LGBTQIA people with regard to the don’t say gay bill down in DeSantis’s awful Florida. Mayor Adams is putting up billboards in NY, funded by private donations, in order to denounce the don’t say gay bill in DeSantis’s Florida. Sadly, the best reply DeSantis could come up with was an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer comment that wasn’t all that clever. 

“They’re saying you can say whatever you want. But they’re the ones who will force a mask on your face and muzzle you in public.”

Here’s more.  Muzzle? I’ve been wearing a mask and I never felt as if I was muzzled. I don’t see how COVID and targeting LGBTQIA people with a bill that promotes discrimination are the same thing. We’ve fought long and hard over the years for just the slightest ounce of equality, long before DeSantis was even born. We can all live without Florida while DeSantis is in office. 

Cancel your plans and #BoyCottFlorida  

What the Don’t Say Gay Bill is Actually About

There have been so many fake reports going around about the don’t say gay bill I thought I would link to something solid. It’s something that explains, honestly, the don’t say gay bill in Florida. It totally debunks the myth going around that kids are being taught sex in schools, that teachers are teaching young kids about sex, and that liberals can’t wait to talk about sex with small children. All of that is complete nonsense, and that’s not what this bill is really about. 

This law has nothing to do with “grooming” kids and no one who is against the law wants to teach small children about sex. But that’s the spin DeSantis is using, and it’s not unfamiliar with things we’ve seen in the past. This don’t day gay law is a direct attack on the LGBTQIA community from ultra-conservatives…MAGAS…who want to mislead the public. 

Conservatives in the 70s launched similar campaigns in public schools, warning that gay and lesbian educators were trying to prey on children sexually and trying to “recruit” them into the “gay lifestyle.”

Here’s the rest. This is why millions of gay teachers remained in the closet, and in some cases still do to this day. 

I still think this entire thing will backfire on DeSantis. It might take some time, but it’s not going to end well. I would rather be dragged through mud than step foot in the state of Florida. And I know many other people who feel the same way right now. 

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