Ohio Lawmakers Set New Don't Day Gay Bill Into Motion, Alabama Passes Don't Say Gay Bill with Transgender Bathroom Restrictions

Ohio Lawmakers Set New Don’t Day Gay Bill Into Motion

It’s only a matter of time until more MAGA states start introducing bills similar to the don’t say gay bill in Florida. It’s a direct attack on the LGBTQIA community and in many ways, it feels as though we’ve slipped right back into the 1950s. Tell me we aren’t a marginalized group. 


Ohio House Republicans introduced an education bill this week that would prohibit teaching young students about sexual orientation or gender identity, similar to a divisive bill in Florida — dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — that was signed by the governor in March. 

Here’s more. These hideous religious people are referring to anyone who’s LGBTQIA as a groomer. In other words, that we somehow want to turn their kids gay. Which is ridiculous. How stupid can they be? You cannot turn a person gay or even trans. It just doesn’t work that way. 

In the meantime, LA County here in California has placed a travel ban on Texas and Florida. 

Alabama Passes Don’t Say Gay Bill with Transgender Bathroom Restrictions

Here’s yet another one. This time it’s the bright, hip, and intelligent state of Alabama. You know, that state where all the best art, designs, and creativity come from. They passed this amendment yesterday as a surprise that was targeted directly at the transgender bathroom bill. 

“We don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about homosexuality and gender identity in schools, they should be learning about math,” said Shelnutt of the amendment.

Here’s the rest.  These are serious and direct targets of the LGBTQIA community that I believe is based on pure hate. For one thing, there’s really no reason for these bills. In Alabama public schools, sexual orientation and gender identity is not taught at all. But these awful people do mean business. 

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