Trump Says Gay Reporter Doesn't Look Gay and Older Straight People Making Homophobic Comments, Ryan Field Books

Trump Says Gay Reporter Doesn’t Look Gay

Here’s a story that I think falls under the categories of age and white privilege. It’s not just Donald Trump that does these things. I find that most people over a certain age who are straight and white usually make similar homophobic comments in their own various ways. And they could be liberal or conservative. Just this morning I saw an older liberal guy on Twitter post a homophobic Tweet about Scott Baio and Donald Trump being gay lovers on some “Brokeback Mountain.” And yes, that is homophobic because the implication was gay shame. If I have to explain that any deeper to you, there’s no hope. 

With that said, Donald Trump recently told a reporter that they don’t look gay. 

During Trump’s speech at the fundraiser, an audience member shouted: “Gays for Trump!”

Confused, Trump looked around and asked: “Where’s Gays for Trump?”

When the person who shouted raised their hand, Trump said: “You don’t look gay.”

Here’s the rest. Unfortunately, this is so typical of all straight white people Trump’s age. I even see people in their 60s doing it. I think of them as the “Cursive Group.” They’ll fight to bring cursive back into the schools because they worry that kids nowadays won’t know how to write paper checks, and then they’ll tell you that you don’t look gay a minute later. 

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