Republicans Furious We're Calling it the "Don't Say Gay" Bill, Ryan Field Books

Republicans Furious We’re Calling it the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Republicans can be as furious as they want, but the truth is the truth. This new bill in Florida silences LGBTQI people and kids. But more than that, it singles us out in a way that doesn’t really make sense. And I think they did it on purpose without realizing there would be so much backlash. We didn’t really have to be singled out this way. They didn’t need this bill. The Republicans did this to make a point. I’ve checked the bill out myself and it seems pointless. I also think this will be the ruination of DeSantis in Florida. I may live in Palm Springs, CA, but I’m in touch with a lot of gay men in huge gay enclaves in Florida. It’s not just gay people against this bill. 

According to Republicans…

Republican officials and right-wing commentators deny that the bill is anti-gay and insist that it will neither discriminate against queer and trans students nor prohibit normal, age-appropriate discussion of LGBTQ culture and history. 

Here’s more. Well, if that’s the case why did they need a bill in the first place. I think it’s pretty safe to say that as long as this bill exists we’re going to refer to it as the don’t say gay bill. And if the homophobes don’t like it that’s just too bad. You decided to single us out with the bill, we didn’t do that to you.

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The Straight Pride Parade
The Straight Pride Parade

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