Bullying Vanishes as Gay Teens Get Older, Bullying Is Exaggerated Says Childhood Expert, Ryan Field Books

 Bullying Vanishes as Gay Teens Get Older

I often wonder if bullying isn’t something contrived and exaggerated for a small few rather than the mainstream. In other words, I know that some people are bullied and it’s wrong. But I was never bullied and I always wonder if most people were bullied. And if most people weren’t bullied, are we, as a society, putting fear into the minds of young people who don’t need that fear. 

Is the Emporer wearing new clothes again? It’s an old fable. 

With that said, this article talks about how bullying subsides in time for gay teens. 

It really does get better for gay and bisexual teens when it comes to being bullied, although young gay men have it worse than their lesbian peers, according to the first long-term scientific evidence on how the problem changes over time.

Here’s the rest. They also claim that bullying declines with age for everyone, not just LGBTQIA people. So if bulling does decline, naturally, are we making too much out of it?

Bullying Is Exaggerated Says Childhood Expert 

Here’s another article that suggests that bullying has been exaggerated over the years. It’s almost like a new fad and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Please remember that I don’t know anything about it personally and I’m only relating all this with links. I’m just curious about it because I see it being discussed so often. But I draw no conclusions. 

‘I have spoken to teachers and educational psychologists who say that parents and children are labelling as bullying what are actually minor fallings-out,’ said Gill, the former director of the then Children’s Play Council, who is currently advising the Conservative Party’s childhood review.

Here’s the link. They go on to discuss other examples of what may or may not be bullying. And that maybe we’ve been coddling kids too much. I really don’t anything about the subject and I don’t pretend to know. This is for experts and trained psychologists. 

But I’m going to be delving into this topic in the future because I’m curious about how it affects LGBTQIA kids. I do know that some are bullied, but are the majority? 

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