And Now Bradley Cooper Plays Gayface and writes Gay Content, Ryan Field Books

And Now Bradley Cooper Plays Gayface and writes Gay Content

I am so sick of seeing this kind of thing I could gag. Now it’s Bradley Cooper who’s going gay for pay, and he wrote the screenplay, too. 

So now Cooper can play gay for pay and talk about how the gay kissing scenes were so awkward for him. I’d like to know one thing. When are we, as gay men, going to wake up and get tired of this kind of appropriation. The straights control Hollywood and real gay men are terrified to come out for fear they will never work again. And they have every reason to be afraid. I love Matt Bomer. Good for Matt Bomer, but put him up against a gay actor like Russell Tovey. 

And please don’t tell me it’s just “acting.” If that were the case Streep would be playing the lead role in the life story of Rosa Parks. But we all know Streep would never do that. So we should do better, too. And please don’t use the argument that gay actors can’t play straight roles. We are a marginalized group and we were all straight at one time. So that argument doesn’t hold up either. 

C’mon Bradley Cooper. Didn’t you get enough attention with that shallow la lallow song? Give openly gay actors equality, too. What’s even worse is that Bradley Cooper wrote the screenplay. He actually wrote gay content and doesn’t see any shame in that at all. Imagine if a straight white man did this with black content. He would be canceled for life. I know dozens of gay writers who would have done anything for a chance to write this screenplay…but straight man Cooper gets it instead. You can spin it any which way you want, but that is wrong. 

According to this article, the story is about Leonard Bernstein and his closeted life as a gay man. Does Bradley Cooper even know first hand what that’s like? Has he ever been a closeted gay man with a high public profile? So far, I don’t think he has. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected. 

You may at this point be asking, “did you say, wife?” Yes, you read that correctly. In 1951, Bernstein married Costa Rican-American stage and television actress Felicia Cohn Montealegre. This was despite the fact that Bernstein was gay. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he left his wife in 1976.

Here’s more. It just continues to happen. And we…gay men…let it happen. Some us even praise it and defend it, which I will never understand. Why would gay men want to stab each other in the back? This entire project should be boycotted just like that awful movie about Stonewall. This is also what happens when straight people do gay content. 

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