A Lesbian Mom Objects to Florida's Don't Say Gay Bill, What Do the Letters in LGBTQIA Mean? Ryan Field Books

 A Lesbian Mom Objects to Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

Whenever I post about Florida’s don’t say gay bill I’m careful to state that this isn’t about sex or sexuality. The conservatives are making it sound that way, but that’s not what being LGBTQIA is all about. Most of us live very G-rated simple lives like anyone else in the mainstream. But more than that, last I heard the mainstream straight community isn’t exactly sexless. 

With that said, I don’t want to veer off-topic because I’m linking to a very smart opinion piece written by a Lesbian mom who takes all this to even another level. 

It’s not just LGBTQ children this legislation will hurt. It’s any kid who considers someone gay, bisexual or transgender to be family.

Here’s the rest. The interesting thing is that nowadays almost everyone, conservative or liberal, knows someone who is gay. It could be a cousin, an uncle, a neighbor, or even a co-worker. So this bill in Florida is going to hurt more than just LGBTQIA people. 

What Do the Letters in LGBTQIA Mean?

We post and talk a lot about the LGBTQIA community but we never really mention what these letters stand for. Most of us know, but not all of us. So I’m linking to a great article that goes into detail about the acronym. It even discusses how this will most likely evolve more in the future. If I recall correctly, the acronym started out as GLBT. I know a few gay men who aren’t happy with the way the acronym has evolved, but it’s really an umbrella term for marginalized groups of people. 

L-stands for Lesbian

G- stands for Gay

B- stands for bisexual

T- stands for transgender

Q- Stands for Queer

I- stands for Intersex

A- Stands for Asexual 

Here’s the link. You can get a full description of what all these terms mean, in detail. 

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