Once Again, Randy Rainbow and His Racist and Transphobic Comments, Ryan Field Books

Once Again, Randy Rainbow and His Racist and Transphobic Comments

I’m posting this story about Randy Rainbow once again because he was trending on Twitter and so many were all love and kisses. I find him fake and repulsive. And that’s because of his transphobic and racist comments. And I don’t hold well with those fake public apologies. I never made racist or transphobic comments and neither did anyone I know. Anyone reading this probably never made racist or transphobic comments. So why should this guy get a free pass? 

The nasty little liar said this:

“There is not a racist or intolerant bone in my body. When I say that I have evolved with the times, I mean that my comedy has. I did not need to be taught not to be racist or transphobic because I never was.”

But then the nasty little liar also tweeted this:

The snow is like all the guys I sleep with: looks all white and pretty now but by morning it will seem more Hispanic & my wallet will be gone. 

Now that’s really bad, and you can read more of his nasty tweets, here. 

We can do better as gay men not to support this kind of thing. We should not be giving Randy Rainbow a platform of any kind. He should not be representing us in any way. He’s just as bad, if not worse, as the politicians he tries to roast in his act. 

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