Happy Posts On Social Media Can Backfire on You , too, More On Florida's Don't Say Gay Bill, Ryan Field Gay Romance

Happy Fake Posts on Social Media Can Backfire on You, Too

Right now there’s a war going on in Ukraine. Russia…Putin…invaded Ukraine without being provoked and the Ukrainian people are fighting for their lives, their freedom, and their dignity. My mom was a full-blooded Ukrainian. My maternal great-grandparents were born and raised in Ukraine. So I know I’m a little biased. But the rest of the world seems to be in agreement that what Russia has done to Ukraine is one of the most criminal war acts since World War II. 

With that said, there are many people posting support all over social media. From celebrities to authors, there’s been an outpouring of support for the Ukrainian people. One celeb is raising money for refugees and she’s using her platform to do wonderful things. She’s raised millions so far. You can see that most people really care deeply about what’s happening right now. 

And then you have the D-list celebrities who are still clawing and fighting for attention on social media. They’re posting shirtless selfies, those ridiculous duckface selfies, and one I know is even posting his happy fun time trip to Mexico. It’s as if nothing else is happening in the rest of the world. And you know what? These people come off looking stupid. It’s really not selfishness. It’s idiocy. They just don’t have the intellect to know any better, and as a result, their posts and Tweets backfire big time. Not only do we think they are dumb, but we also lose respect for them. And to a certain extent, without even realizing it we cancel them because it’s not possible to take them seriously. 

So be thoughtful about what you post on social media, especially when there’s a world event happening. Those fake-happy, fake feel-good posts just might backfire on you if there’s a deadly war going on. 

 More On Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

 As much as I wish this don’t say gay bill wasn’t a reality, it’s at least good to see so much support coming out against the bill. Clearly, there’s also plenty of support for the bill, too. But at least we’re still fighting for our equality, as we have been for the last 60 years. And we do have a lot more allies now. 

This is a good piece from Vanity Fair. 

Governor Ron DeSantis, who signaled his support for the legislation earlier this month, saying it’s “entirely inappropriate” for teachers to talk with students about gender identity.

Here’s the link. And there you have it. That’s Florida. And sadly, it’s not the only state. There are a lot of dumb people out there who still believe that even the most G-rated LGBTQIA content is “adult material.”

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What readers are saying about “Uncertainty”


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