Backward Florida House Passes Don't Say Gay Bill, Ryan Field Books

Backward Florida House Passes Don’t Say Gay Bill

Here’s more about what’s happening in Florida with the Don’t Say Gay Bill. State Rep., Joe Harding, introduced the measure and there’s a photo of him at the link below. In short, they passed a bill in Florida that will silence LGBTQ kids from speaking about sexual orientation or gender identity. In doing so, they’ve plunged us right back into the 1950s. 

Speaking to legislators on the House floor, Rep. Joe Harding, the Republican who introduced the bill, said the measure is about “empowering parents” and improving the quality of life for the state’s children.

Here’s the link to more. These people are really stupid. I don’t see how silencing gay kids will empower them as parents. Gay kids are harmless. I’m sure some of these morons have gay kids, too. We…gay people…know who we are when we’re kids. Most of us figure it out at very young ages. And then we go through years of faking being straight just to survive in the schools and to protect ourselves from vicious straights like these Florida people.  This bill is going to backfire on these idiots. The kids are going to rise up against them eventually. And these dumb people in Florida will not go down in history well. 

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