Please Don't Associate Us with "Gay Penguins," Christian School Asks Parents to Sign a Contract that Could Exclude Gay and Trans Students, Ryan Field Gay Romance

Please Don’t Associate Us with “Gay Penguins”

I know this looks harmless at a glance, but how many other marginalized groups of people are being compared to birds and animals? Try doing this with any other marginalized group and see where it gets you. 

A gay penguin couple are now proud parents after the egg they had been caring for hatched early last month.

Here’s more. You can refer to them as two male penguins caring for an egg, or just call them a couple. There are many ways to word this. But you don’t have to call penguins a gay couple.


Because you wouldn’t do that to anyone else. And gay people are not here for your entertainment. 

Christian School Asks Parents to Sign a Contract that Could Exclude Gay and Trans Students

This is what’s happening in Australia. If you recall, a few years ago Australia sent out a national survey through the mail to see what the general public thought about gay marriage. The survey was created to see if gay marriage should be legalized, or not. And I found that unforgivable. That a country would allow the personal opinions of its citizens to decide what’s right and what’s not right for gay couples. And this article to which I’m linking now is proof that homophobia still exists in Australia.


A Christian school in the Australian city of Brisbane has sparked outrage for requiring parents to sign an enrollment contract that refers to homosexuality as a sin and includes it in a list of “immoral” behavior alongside bestiality, incest, and pedophilia.

Here’s more. That’s pretty sad that we are still dealing with that kind of mentality today. I’ll be I know how these hideous people at that school voted in Australia’s national survey. 

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