Two Gay Men Executed In Iran For Sodomy, Grindr Disappears From App Stores In China, Ryan Field Books

 Two Gay Men Executed In Iran For Sodomy

What a disgusting country!! Just how cruel can these awful backward barbarians be? 

Two gay men were executed for sodomy in f$#king Iran after they served six years in prison for the same crime. 

Karmel Melamed, a journalist covering Iran, wrote on Twitter that the “Ayatollah regime” in the country “just executed two gay men” by “hanging” for the “crime of sodomy”.

Here’s more. Although it’s rarely mentioned, this is always based on Islamic beliefs. But they do go into more detail about human rights in Iran. 

Grindr Disappears From App Stores In China

It sounds as though Grindr disappeared from App stores in China because they are censoring gay content now. For those who don’t know, China is a very homophobic place where they even censor gay romance in films. 

In short, China is censoring the Internet and making its own judgments on what is civilized and healthy and what is not. 

The campaign aims to “create a civilized, healthy, festive and auspicious online atmosphere for public opinion during the Lunar New Year,” the administration said in a statement.

Here’s the rest. Be interesting to see what they do next. The thing that always surprises me is that these countries and religions behave as if they can just make LGBTQ people disappear. By censoring and removing apps they are not removing the LGBTQ population. More and more of us are coming out and what they do to us only makes us stronger and more determined to fight. They’re wasting their time. 

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