Pope Francis Says Support Gay Kids, Ryan Field Books

 Pope Francis Says Support Gay Kids

This Pope constantly seems to be going back and forth with LGBTQ issues. I’m not always sure why, but at least this time it’s positive. Of course, I wish he wouldn’t compare being gay to an illness or an accident. That doesn’t sound quite right. But at least he’s saying parents should support them instead of kicking them out of the house. 

In speaking about how parents should always stand by their children during difficult times, including illness or accidents, the pope said parents should also accompany “children with different sexual orientations.” 

Here’s more. He even suggests some kind of civil union law so gay people are covered. The rest of the piece is actually very supportive. But be prepared with what he might say next time. He has a history of bouncing back and forth. 

 The Wizard of Pride

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The Straight Pride Parade
The Straight Pride Parade

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