Romance Cover Model and Playgirl Cover Model Julian Fantechi is Back on Social Media, Ryan Field Books

 Romance Cover Model and Playgirl Cover Model Julian Fantechi is Back on Social Media

I can’t believe it’s been this long, but back in 2010 I became acquainted with the nicest guy I think I’ve ever met online. He caught my eye because he was doing romance covers at the time and he was definitely in high demand. At that time, I had no control over what kind of models my publishers chose for my books, but that didn’t stop me from becoming cyber friends with Julian for a short time. I wanted to use him as a cover model for my books, but I was working with the now-defunct romance publisher, Ravenous Romance, and the Editor in Chief was Holly Schmidt. She knew nothing about romance but she was a total control freak and never took any advice from authors. I’m still here writing gay romance, last I heard she was writing books about hot dogs.  As far as modeling goes, he’s done a lot, including a photoshoot for Playgirl Magazine. And now, after all this time, I think a good deal of his work is considered vintage. 

With that said, Julian eventually went back to a real-life career, I believe, in counseling. I’m not sure exactly where he did this, but I know he wanted to be discreet about his modeling career so I never asked too many questions. Back in the early days of the Internet people were reluctant to share their real life info with their online info. That’s why you see so many fake names and profiles on Twitter. Julian is also straight so there’s that difference, too. Gay people always know when to stop with straight guys…especially good-looking straight guys. Most of us will only get so friendly, and then back off. 

The reason I’m posting about this is that I recently saw Julian on Facebook and I wanted to share his link. I think my readers will enjoy it. He’s not one of those straight guys that gaybaits us. I’ve never seen him do it. He’s always been open and honest about who he is and there’s no pretense. 

So, if you’re looking to follow someone interesting, you can check out Julain Fantechi, here. It’s hard to find other links to him because many have been taken down over the years. But I did find this one.  It’s an interview with Julian that dates back to 2007. I can’t believe that time has flown so fast. And here are my links to my posts about Julian. Just scroll down and you’ll find several. 

Maybe I’m crazy for showcasing another guy on my website. Especially when that guy already has his own website and that guy is also Playgirl magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 2007, like I need that competition. But, hey, what can I say? I’m a giver and “big” enough to share the limelight with him. (Sexual inuendo intended)

Maybe I’m crazy for showcasing another guy on my website. Especially when that guy already has his own

Julian has aged a little since I last saw him on social media, but he’s only gotten better. His body is in top form right now, and photos to prove it. 

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The Straight Pride Parade

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